What is MyLearningSpace?

MyLearningSpace is Laurier’s learning management system, which is powered by Desire2Learn. Many of your courses will have a MyLearningSpace site and instructors use the system to post information and resources for students online. For example, some courses may use online quizzes, discussions, group work or electronic assignment submission.

You may access the site here. When asked to login, use your Novell username and password.  

If you have questions or difficulties accessing or using the system, please send an email to myLS@wlu.ca. 

What does MyLearningSpace provide?

The following list provides examples of information commonly provided to you by your professors through MyLearningSpace:

Online chat 
Instructor information 
Course schedule 
Term calendar 
Assignments/learning activities 
Online quizzes/tests 
Lecture slides and resources
Companion site for text or CD 
Online syllabus

Online Learning Courses

Online Learning courses (sectioned as ‘OC’ in LORIS) will be conducted entirely online through MyLearningSpace (that is, there are no classroom hours for these courses).

Note: Not all classroom-based courses and instructors use MyLearningSpace. Check with your instructor if you are unsure if your course is using the system.