How to Activate your Account

To Login to your myLaurier Webmail account, go to the myLaurier Webmail Homepage

When you enter the myLaurier Hompage, you will be asked to provide a username and password. Simply enter your Novell GroupWise username and password into these fields to continue. Once you have entered your username and password, click Login.

*Note: You will be also given the option to migrate your GroupWise email. This process will not be covered in this particular guide, but information on email migration can be found here

After selecting whether or not you would like to migrate your mail, you will be taken to the myLaurier Webmail Setup page. Read the terms of service and select Accept Terms of Use.

Finally, you will once again be asked to migrate your mail. Information on mail migration can be found here. After deciding whether or not you would like to migrate your mail at that time (you are strongly recommended to do so), click Submit.


After choosing whether or not you would like to migrate, the process will be complete. You will be taken to your Inbox where you can begin to customize your account.