Webmail is now live! Please activate your account!

We are pleased to introduce a new suite of web-based applications designed to improve communication and collaboration for students. The new myLaurier Webmail accounts are provided through the latest edition of Google Apps for Education™ and feature enhanced email, document editing and collaboration tools.  

The myLaurier Webmail accounts, along with the suite of web applications, will fulfill students’ demands for improved technology solutions and align with recommendations that came out of the ICT review in 2009.

What is myLaurier Webmail?

MyLaurier Webmail is a package of web applications that includes Webmail and Calendar, as well as helpful tools such as Documents and Chat. MyLaurier Webmail also provides over 7.4 gigabytes of email storage, thus providing students with increased operating space.


What will be my username and password?

Your username and password will remain the same as your Novell username and password. 

Will my email address change?

Yes. As a result of this change, all official Laurier student email addresses will change to Novellusername@mylaurier.ca.

What happens to my GroupWise email? 

Your GroupWise email will still be active for the foreseeable future. All emails sent to your @wlu account will be automatically forwarded to your myLaurier Webmail account. However, it is recommended that you periodically check your GroupWise inbox in the coming months for any stray messages.

What happens to email that is sent to my @wlu.ca account?

All emails sent to your @wlu.ca account will be automatically forwarded to your @mylaurier.ca account. Emails from external sources will only appear in your mylaurier account - emails from Faculty and Staff (internal) will be in both your @mylaurier and Groupwise accounts.

Please check this site for more updates.
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