How to use Contacts

What are Contacts? 

Contacts and Contact Groups can be used to organize, and efficiently communicate with, the people you message the most – friends, classmates, professors, etc. Your myLaurier Webmail account has the ability to sort your numerous contacts into contact lists, making email organization simple. Contacts can also be utilized in other applications such as Calendar, Documents, and Chat. 

Create a Contact

To create a new contact, click the Contacts tab in the left menu box. After clicking Contacts you will be taken to the Contacts menu. To add a new contact, click the New Contact icon on the top left side of the menu screen. You will then see the contact information fields appear on the right side of the contacts menu screen. Fill out the necessary in formation for your contact and select Save to store your new contact in your contact list. 

The name of your new contact should appear in the middle bar of the Contacts menu. By clicking your newly created contact you are given the option to edit the contact by selecting the Edit tab or adding the contact to a group of contact by selecting the Groups tab. You can also delete the contact by selecting the Delete tab.  

Create a Contact Group

To create a Contact Group, select the New Group icon (the icon will be to the right of the New Contact icon). Once you click the tab you will be a given a prompt to name the group. Enter the name for the new group and click OK. You will now see the name of your new group in the left side of the Contacts menu. If you click the name of the contact group you will be given the option of editing the group or deleting group.

To move a contact into a Contact Group, check the name of the Contact you want moved. Once the contact is selected, click the Groups tab on the right side of the screen and select the name of the desired Group. Your contact will now be listed under that particular Contact Group.

If you want to send a message out to an entire Contact Group, just address a new email to the name of the Group.