How to Compose Mail

Composing Mail

Composing a message in your myLaurier Webmail account is extremely similar to most email systems. To compose a new message, select the Compose Mail tab on the top left of the screen. Once you select Compose Mail you will be taken to the Compose Mail menu.

The To: field is where you enter the message’s recipient(s). You can either do this manually by writing the recipient’s email address or by writing the name of a pre-existing contact. For example, if I have a contact named ‘Scott’, I can simply enter Scott into the To: field and the message will be sent to him. Similarly, by clicking To:, you will open up a pop-up menu in which your Contacts and Group Contacts are stored. Using this menu you can click on contacts to add or add an entire contact group. The same menu appears if you click on the Carbon Copy (CC) or Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) links. 

Enter the subject of your message into the Subject field. Under the Subject field you will see the Attach File and Send Invitation links. As with all email services, Attach File allows you to attach a file to your message so that it can be shared with the message’s recipient. Remember that your MyLaurier Webmail account has a maximum attachment size of 25MB. All attachments over the allotted 25MB limit Will Not Be Sent. Similarly, Send Invitation allows you to send an invitation to an event stored in your Calendars.

The Subject window is used to write the content of your message. As with most email services you are given the option to insert links, emoticons, quotes, and utilize Spell Check. 

Once you have finished writing your message you have three options. The first is to send the message to its recipient(s). To send the message, simply click the Send tab at the bottom left of the page. To save a draft of the message, click the Save Now tab. By saving a message, you will store the message in the Drafts label. Finally, to delete a message, click the Discard tab. Discarding a message will bring you back to the Inbox. Immediately after discarding a message you will be given the option of restoring it. To restore a message you accidentally discarded simply hit Undo when directed back to the Inbox.